Børste fra KBF99 til ansiktet til hesten. 

This brush does the same job as an antibacterial hand wash, except it’s more versatile and won’t run out. This easy to hold anti-bacterial brush has soft short fibres and incorporates the KBF99 additive which is proven to kill over 99.9% of bacteria and 99.6% of fungus without the use of chemicals. The brush can be used wet or dry. The brush fibres are covered in tiny spikes that stab and kill microbes. The technology has been tested at Coventry University against both bacteria and fungus. Cornell University in the USA have requested samples to test against the coronavirus as there is a chance that it will kill envelope viruses. Updates will be posted once known.Do not clean the fibres with bleach, hot soapy water is enough and your brush will remain effective indefinitely. The technology kills microbes physically so no chemicals are ever released. Only possible side affect could be dry skin from over brushing.The brush can also be used on surfaces eg door handles. Also excellent for cleaning your hands when away from water sources. Small enough to fit in your pocket or handbag, so ideal for use before entering and when leaving a supermarket for example.

KBF99 Face Brush

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