Rapide Mud Fever Cream

Leaving your horse in damp, muddy or dirty conditions can cause their legs to become irritated. There are horizontal creases in a horse’s pastern that are very susceptible to dirt. If this dirt is not removed from the creases, it can cause mud fever, also known as pastern dermatitis. Mud fever is the collective term for a group of diseases that cause irritation and infection of a horse’s legs. Signs of mud fever include red, irritated, dry or flaky skin on the lower part of the leg and around the pastern. 

Rapide Mud Fever Cream is a barrier cream treating and preventing mud fever. This cream soothes the sore skin, stimulates an optimal balance of skin moistening, encourages the regeneration of healthy tissue and promotes rapid hair growth. Makes the skin more water repellent.


Clean the affected areas carefully and dry with a soft cloth. Once the area is dry and clean, apply Rapide Mud Fever Cream to the irritated skin. It is advisable to treat the skin with the cream before you stable your horse.




Rapide Mud Fever Ointment